29th August 2017

Pitch Programme

Our high-impact PitchFest day at Oxford connects you to angel investors, venture capitalists, corporate VCs, technology transfer professionals, founders and executives of early stage and emerging growth companies, university researchers, incubators and premier service providers.

Apply for PitchFest if you are:

  • Seed Stream: Early stage company: You should have raised at least some funding but less than £100k and are seeking < £1M
  • Scaling Stream: High growth company: You should have raised more than £100k and are seeking £1M+

See the type of businesses that should apply.


The day includes:

  1. Investor Panels: Hear from the top VCs and Angel Investors about what matters for growth for both Investors and Start-ups alike.
  2. Venture Presentations: Discover the most promising early stage and emerging growth technology, life sciences, cleantech and Ed-tech innovators as they present live to leading investors.
  3. Niche Networking: Connect with investors, start-ups and potential mentors and partners.

Plus extra incentives for attendees.

PitchFest agenda

08:30: Registration, networking and welcome coffee

09:30: Inaugural keynote by a high-profile industry speaker

10:00: Start-up issues panel discussion

11:00: Refreshment break, networking, company posters and stands

11:30: Company presentations round 1: Seed stream

12:30: Lunch break, networking, company posters and stands

13:30: Company presentations round 2: Scaling stream

14:30: Tea roundtable networking, company posters and stands

15:30: VC panel discussion

16:30: Awards, announcement and closing keynote

17:30: End of OGV PitchFest and start of growth!

Sponsorship Opportunities:

Premier providers who serve start-ups and investors such as banking, branding and back-office operations can market to high growth companies. For sponsorship opportunities please email to sponsors@oxfordglobalventures.com.

PitchFest is ideally suited for:


  • Start-ups
  • University spin-outs
  • Incubators
  • Accelerators
  • Technology transfer companies
  • Government R&D centres

Information technology

  • Mobile applications
  • Internet of Things
  • Cybersecurity
  • Big Data
  • Cloud computing
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Educational Technology

Engineering and Technology:

  • Micro and nano-electronics
  • Nanotechnology
  • Biotechnology/Medical Technologies/PharmaTech
  • Advanced materials and Biomaterials
  • Photonics
  • Advanced manufacturing
  • Clean Technology

Extra incentives for attendees:

  • A select group of investors looking to invest at least £100k will have special access to shortlisted top companies for an investment opportunity in breakthrough sectors and may be invited to present in a panel of top VCs to share current issues in investing.
  • A select group of start-ups will be invited to speak in a panel session and discuss key issues that start-ups face in growing and scaling-up.
  • A select group of start-ups will be offered free stand space or poster/roller-banner.


*Please note OGV as an independent entity contracts for the use of facilities and has no formal connection with the owners of these facilities such as the University of Oxford, Oxford Brookes University or others.