4th January 2017





Oxford Global Ventures offers global entrepreneurs an entry point to evaluate market potential in the UK and larger Europe and to attract international venture capital funding.

Our investment services include:

  1. Access to capital investment through joint venture: Business and innovation start-up funds are available to UK registered interests such as from the UK government’s Innovate UK (formerly Technology Strategy Board) and its Catapult centres; from private angel investment and venture capital funds who can take benefit of the government’s tax incentive schemes such as Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) and Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS); and public crowd-funding mechanisms.
  2. Access to grants through research: Research grants from the UK’s Engineering Physical and Sciences Research Council / Economic Social Research Council / Medical Research Council and broader European collaborative applied R&D funds through Horizon 2020 for growth in sectors like advanced manufacturing, materials, biotechnology, information and communication technology, nanotechnology and space.
  3. Due diligence and management of funds: After gaining an offer of funding in principle, we can help you to position your startup in a way that meets funding requirements and conditions such as registration in the UK, Directors on your board from the UK, and carrying out due diligence in the process of negotiation. We can also match you with a coach or mentor, to improve management skills, create a marketing strategy or raise bridging finance.

Please attend one of our events or get in touch for custom service and advice.